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Medical Payments Coverage Installment # 3

In our last blog about medical payments (aka “medpay”) insurance coverage, we discussed whether medpay benefits are subject to various liens from medical providers and health insurance subrogation companies.  On occasion, insurance companies ignore the plain language of their very own medpay insurance policy and refuse pay the benefits to which their insured person is entitled.  This is very unfortunate.  One would assume that if a paying customer has purchased insurance coverage, the insurance company would “do the right thing” and pay the benefits to its loyal, paying customer.  This is not always the case.  Because medpay coverage is contractual in nature, failure by the insurance company to investigate and pay any such claim in good faith can subject the carrier to additional monetary damages for breach of contract, bad faith and possibly even unfair and deceptive trade practices pursuant to North Carolina law.  Over the years, Owens & Miller has settled almost a thousand medpay claims out of Court. When necessary, Owens & Miller has filed lawsuits and litigated numerous medpay claims across the State.  Because of their experience, Owens & Miller is ready, willing, and able to force the insurance company to do the right thing.  If you have been injured in an motor vehicle accident, you should contact Owens & Miller at 919-719-2750 or email them at [email protected] for a free consultation in order to determine if you are entitled to additional medpay benefits.  The advice is free, and there is no obligation! You have nothing to lose!

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