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Kimberly was very friendly and knowledgeable. Everything went very smoothly.
Raleigh, Wake County Resident
My attorney had an approachable personality and was knowledgeable.
Raleigh, Wake County Resident
Kimberly has the ability to explain things in a very uncomplicated way and she always kept me informed about my case. I recommend O&M because the case will be handled professionally and the attorney will keep you informed.
Raleigh, Wake County Resident
My attorney’s strengths were her advocacy, timeliness of communication and intellect. I would recommend O&M because of their professionalism and support through complex navigation of the system.
Raleigh, Wake County Resident
My attorney always kept me updated, was honest, great service and very dependable. I received fair compensation and would recommend my attorney to a friend because I was not able to handle my case on my own.
Raleigh, Wake County Resident
Kimberly is knowledgeable, caring, takes the time necessary to explain every phase of your case. Skilled at presenting the facts to others. Professional and does not get flustered. She is concerned about you and never treated me as though I was too small to matter. She is thoughtful. If you have the opportunity to work with an attorney of the highest caliber, why would you take a chance working with anyone else? Knowledgeable, preparation and presentation are everything.
Raleigh, Wake County Resident

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