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Medical Payments Coverage Installment # 2

In our last blog about medical payments (aka “medpay”) insurance coverage, we discussed the manner in which you may recover under multiple insurance policies for a larger overall recovery.  On occasions, the medpay adjuster may advise that he/she cannot pay out the medpay benefits directly to you because there are liens asserted upon the medpay benefits by medical providers.  The adjuster will sometimes insist that he/she must send the payment directly to the medical provider, or directly to your health insurance subrogation company.  How do you know if this is true?  Medpay benefits are indeed subject to medical liens asserted by Medicare, Medicaid, and medical providers.  As a result, there are occasions in which the funds will be paid to a lienholder.  HOWEVER, there are also occasions in which the benefits can be paid directly to your attorney so that you can have IMMEDIATE access to at least a portion of the funds.  Whether this can be accomplished depends on the facts of the case.  Even if the benefits are to be paid to the lienholders, it is sometimes beneficial to have an attorney coordinate the recovery of the medpay benefits along with the settlement of the liability claim.  This will help accomplish payment of the overall liens in the most timely manner possible to assist the overall resolution of your claims.  Over the years, Owens & Miller has settled almost a thousand medpay claims out of Court. When necessary, Owens & Miller has filed lawsuits and litigated numerous medpay claims across the State.  Because of their experience, Owens & Miller is ready, willing, and able to force the insurance company to do the right thing.  If you have been injured in an motor vehicle accident, you should contact Owens & Miller at 919-719-2750 or email them at [email protected] for a free consultation in order to determine if you are entitled to additional medpay benefits.  The advice is free, and there is no obligation! You have nothing to lose!

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