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Steps After a North Carolina Accident

Although there is no substitute for a comprehensive consultation with one of our Raleigh auto accident lawyers, we have created a basic checklist for accident victims as they search for legal help after an accident.

The car accident claim process is overwhelming. Post-accident trauma makes it challenging to file an injury claim in North Carolina.

These 5 Steps After a North Carolina Car Accident will hopefully help:


Call 911. You need strong accident evidence. Insurance companies are skeptical of collisions where 911 is not called and an accident report is not generated.


Witnesses. Write down names of witnesses at the scene of the auto accident. Police reports commonly fail to list the witnesses. This can be detrimental in a case where the insurance company is denying liability of their insured. Make sure to take down the name and contact information of any witness at the scene and give that information to your Raleigh auto accident lawyer. This could make a difference in whether you are able to recover your medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.


Medical care. If you are injured in a wreck, then you need to seek medical treatment. The car accident claim process requires accident evidence, and your medical records showcase the effects of the crash. If you fail to document your injuries through medical evidence, then the insurance company is going to question your injuries and your treatment.


Photos. Pictures of damage to your vehicle, other vehicles, and the accident scene, as well as your physical injuries just after the accident and during your recovery will be used to build your case when you file an injury claim in North Carolina. An accident reconstructionist can sometimes tell from accident photos how fast the vehicles were traveling or from which direction the collision occurred. This can be especially helpful when building evidence to prove another party was reckless or driving drunk.


Call a Raleigh auto accident lawyer. Not only are consultations with our attorneys free, but we can come to you if you are still recovering at home or in a hospital. Every accident is unique. It is in your best interest to seek legal help after an accident from an attorney with a successful history representing victims under North Carolina injury law.

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