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North Carolina Highway Accidents

nc highway accidents

If you have traveled through the greater-Raleigh area, you may not be familiar with how the influx of residents has stressed the infrastructure, resulted in the construction of more roads, and created more traffic than this area has ever experienced before. Additionally, the Research Triangle Park attracts business travelers year-round. Bordered by main thoroughfares like Interstate-40, Interstate-85, and Interstate-95, out-of-town travelers navigate North Carolina roads every day. What if someone outside their home state is in an accident in North Carolina? We can help.

A victim of a highway accident in North Carolina may suffer from severe physical ramifications, loss of mobility, lost wages from missing work. Victims may need to navigate complicated laws after a highway accident. Depending on the circumstances, some federal traffic laws may apply. In 2013, new truck driver regulations went into effect. Our accident attorneys can explain how legislation applies to your case. One of our attorneys, Will Owens, is a member of the Association of Plaintiff Interstate Trucking Lawyers of America. This organization is focused on eliminating unsafe and illegal interstate trucking practices.

According to reports released by the North Carolina Department of Transportation, fatal highway accidents dropped approximately 22% since 2005. The NCDOT maintains over 80,000 miles of highway across the state. Although reports show that highway fatalities and crash rates are going down, the rates don’t imply that victims are suffering any less after an accident. Faster highway speeds and the common use of highways by larger vehicles like tractor trailers and trucks hauling heavy cargo increase the severity of injuries that can occur in highway collisions.

Not only are roads congested, but the risk of of passive inattentive drivers exists. Today’s drivers face more distractions than ever before, especially when some try to multitask while behind the wheel. Fatal accidents may occur from drivers falling asleep at the wheel while traveling at fast highway speeds, or risking the lives of others by driving impaired.

The Raleigh accident attorneys at Owens and Miller help victims recover compensation from every negligent party. Our lawyers work with the insurance companies so you can rest easy and focus on recovering while knowing your best interests and legal rights are represented. Contact us for a free case review.