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Owens & Miller Experiences New Growth This Spring

Just as the ground thaws and new bits of green begin to emerge from winter’s brown earth this spring, Owens & Miller is also experiencing new growth. Over the years we have experienced increasing demand for assistance with Social Security Disability claims. Desiring to help these clients while also maintaining our primary focus on representation […]

North Carolina: One of the Worst States for Drivers

Car accident victims in North Carolina have developed a reputation—statistically. Just before the beginning of 2014, the findings in a national survey revealed the Tar Heel State is one of the Top 10 States With the Worst Drivers. Compiled through an analysis of multiple federal and private organization resources (including places such as the National […]

North Carolina Child Safety Seat Laws

Every car accident survivor has a unique set of issues to manage. What if the victim is too young to manage an injury claim? When a child or infant is involved in an accident, our Raleigh auto accident attorneys help parents or guardians pursue claims on the minor’s behalf. <embed link> With children’s bodies still […]

Social Host Laws in North Carolina

Since 1992, North Carolina social host laws have governed cases involving the liabilities of social hosts serving liquor to guests who later cause a drunk driving accident. A host may have one guest or 100; there is no minimum limit to the number of guests a host requires in order to be considered liable. North […]

Hours of Service Violations in Truck Accident Evidence

In 2009, more than half of inspected trucks in North Carolina violated safety or maintenance regulations. For over a decade, the United States Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has developed federal standards and regulations for truck drivers in order to minimize risks and improve safety. In late 2011, the FMCSA addressed […]

Admissibility of Accident Reports in Jury Trials

In an opinion (Joines v. Moffitt) issued this morning by the NC Court of Appeals, the Court set forth an interesting discusssion of the admissibility of accident/crash reports in jury trials involving auto accidents. The complete opinion can be found at: The pertinent portion is quoted below: …….”Hearsay is “a statement, other than one […]

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